"Healthy Lifestyle"

There are numerous research studies on what is good for our bodies and what should be avoided.
I have concluded it is not certain things that affect us, it is the way we use them.
Living in pure conditions is what I try to achieve.
Listen and learn. 


It's clear that food and water are things we need for survival. Simple observation can conclude that fact. But food is such a broad term nowadays that it is hard to say what is 'good' and what is 'bad' for our systems.
I use the word 'pure' in everything I do or try to achieve and so too my food intake. I make most from scratch, even if cooking is no to my lust some days.
I like to share what I know with anyone around me, so do good with this information. And good will come.


Sixty hours a week in the gym or living behind a desk. There is an obvious huge difference, but where is the good/bad boundary in this case?
It's still unclear how much exercise we actually need a day, while it's simply said we all know activity is important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
I try to get to the gym about three to four times a week, but I cycle or walk whenever it's a possibility too.
 I find this study (from Women's Health) fairly interesting, but besides scientific studies and others opinions, I listen to my own body and study it's sayings.
I welcome you to my world of activity and join me for a rollercoaster ride along fitness, health and stress-relieve.


I barely got into Yoga yet, honestly because I thought it would make me float in thoughts I try all my life to bury deep down. Yet, I now found it to help me track my ideas and process events, it relaxes my muscles and monitors my breathing. It's not at all as wooly as it made me believe. You have to start somewhere, so I start here and you are invited to breathe with me.


Sleep is more important than most of us know. While I, myself, am still searching for the true benefits of sleep, as I most times wish I didn't need it, I will share my knowledge with you.
Not sure of how exactly I would like to share it, this will be a path to the future.