Purely Blogged

We all have something to say, but saying it can be a struggle.
Here, you'll find blogs from my personal life,
my opinions viewed and questions answered.
At some point even medical blogs that proof what intuition has told us before.
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What If?

Today. Tomorrow. To life.

Words that try to answer the question of living.

Coffee was Unknown

Most of us, "grown-ups" tend to pass time sleep-walking if there was no coffee to wake us up. But what if...

Mental Health

It's clearly a taboo to talk about the darkness that shadows, and we all keep wishing it away. But what if...

To be Judged

Judging and being judged as a great influence on who we are and who we are to become. But what if... 

You are You!

Society has a view on people, but you should focus on you. Be, live, love.

Never Good Enough

Yet, you are!
There are so many others, build you.

I must, I may, I do

There are so many expectations.
Why not just leave it be.

Age of the Burned Out

There is a lot to tell.

I'm working on a series blog about what drives the crowed in our society nowadays, what keeps them going or what burns them out. Soon!